Visit Iceland’s famous highland hiking area in the valley of Thorsmork (Þórsmörk). Set in an unique location surrounded by 3 glaciers, creating an adventure-like landscape perfect for outdoor activities and super jeep action.


We travel through the south coast all the way of the Eyjafjallajokull Tour (Eyjafjallajökull) region where our first stop is the beautiful waterfall Seljalandsfoss where you will get the opportunity to hike behind the 60 meter high cascade. If you are lucky you might discover the mythical pot of gold said to be hidden there. Make sure to take plenty of photos around the elegant waterfall and its green surroundings.

Into the realm of Thor

Now we are ready to continue our journey to the magnificent Thorsmork (Þórsmörk) valley, named after the Norse god Thor. The valley is a unique nature oasis set in a unique location between three glaciers, Eyjafjallajokull, Myrdalsjokull and Tindafjallajokull. The ring of glaciers and mountains shield the valley from the harsh weather conditions of the Icelandic highlands, creating ideal conditions for a micro-climate. Where melt-water from the surrounding glaciers create constantly changing rushing torrents across the valley floor. The diverse flora and magnificent landscape is a must for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Crawling and melting glaciers

On the way you will get the opportunity to visit Gigjokull (Gígjökull) glacier, which crawls from the main glacier Eyjafjallajokull. Around the glacier you will see the aftermath of the powerful eruption in 2010, where a massive meltwater flood left a huge area of glacial debris and lava.

Thorsmork Tour, view of wonders

At Thorsmork you might be able to hike in the ice-age birch forest, on top of a hill to admire the breathtaking vistas of the valley or into a dramatic gorge with a waterfall at its end.

Please observe:

The weather in Iceland can be challenging so remember to bring warm weatherproof clothes, sturdy shoes and most important bring your camera!