Amazing world of lava fields for you to explore. Hot springs, volcanoes, dramatic sea cliffs and fishing villages. Get the unique opportunity to stand between continents and bathe in the Blue Lagoon.


Our super jeep journey of Reykjanes peninsula tour starts with lake Kleifarvatn tour, which is surrounded by dramatic lava formations, black sand beaches and is said to host a mythical creature in its depths.

Bubbling earth

As soon as we pass the lake we make a stop at Seltun also known as Krysuvik, where you can walk between hot springs, bubbling mud pools and geothermal steam emerging from the ground, with the scent of sulphur hanging in the air.

Catch of the day

Reykjanes is also known for its many fishing villages that are dotted around the peninsula due to the surrounding rich fishing waters. Grindavik where we will make a stop is one of the more charming ones, with its corrugated iron houses and active fisheries industry. If we are lucky we might see a boat bring home their catch of the day.

Lunar Landscape Tour

Driving further to the tip of the peninsula we reach one of Iceland´s oldest lighthouses Reykjanesviti, where you can see some of the most dramatic lava bird cliffs standing against the roaring Atlantic Ocean. If weather permits we can see the island of Eldey rising from the ocean. We leave the ocean for a while for active geothermal activity and visit the mud pools and steam vents of Gunnuhver. Named after a female ghost that was laid there centuries ago, she had caused great disturbance until a priest set a trap for her and she fell into the hot spring.

Between continents

Next stop is Sandvik where you can cross a bridge between continents as it stands on a visible rift between the North-American and Eurasian tectonic plates.

Where else but Iceland can you get such opportunity!

The Blue Lagoon

There should always be a grand finale in every tour and with this tour there is no exception when we visit the world famous Blue Lagoon, where you can relax and soak in the soothing turquoise blue water, famed for its revitalising abilities.

Please observe:

This tour is only available as a tailor made private tour, the above itinerary is only a suggestion and can be customized just as you would like it.

The Reykjanes Peninsula Tour & Blue Lagoon Tour are very popular in combination with KEF airport drop-off.