Experience a true ice symphony of colours and shapes inside a glacier and enjoy the rush of traveling in a super jeep with over sized tires on a glacier – all in one day tour! We will also visit beautiful waterfalls, lava fields, hot springs and historical sites with our super jeep Ice caves tour in Iceland.


Tour from Reykjavik we head for Langjokull (Langjökull Tour) Iceland´s second largest glacier, via the ancient Viking highland road named Kaldidalur, meaning the cold valley. The road offers a true experience of highland tour consisting of barren desert landscape tour, dramatic mountains tour, volcanoes and glaciers tour.

Into frozen eternity

At Langjokull glacier we get ready to climb up the glacier in our super jeep, until we reach the ice tunnels that are located 1250 meters high up and reach 300 meters into the 953 km2 glacier. There experienced mountain guides will guide you through the majestic world of ice inside the glacier, while they inform you about how a glacier is formed over a long time.

Dangerous fields

The journey back to Reykjavik, will take you through Borgarfjordur Tour (Borgarfjörður) where our first stop are for the beautiful Hraunfossar waterfalls tour and Barnafoss waterfall tour, which are located side by side. Hraunfossar, meaning lava waterfalls are a series of smaller waterfalls emerging from Hallmundarhraun lava field and falling into the majestic Hvita (Hvítá) river. Literary a stone throw away from Hraunfossar is another cascading waterfall named Barnafoss, meaning the children´s waterfall, bearing a tragic history of two children from a neighbouring farm falling into the river and disappearing.

Turn the pages of the Sagas

Borgarfjordur area is of great historical importance since the great Saga writer Snorri Sturluson lived here in Reykholt from 1206 to his assassination in 1241. Here we will make a stop and see the ancient 13.th Century remains such as the ancient geothermal pool Snorralaug. Just imagine being on the site where many of the ancient Sagas where written.

Source of power

The area is not just history, it is also home to Europe´s most powerful hot spring Deildartunguhver, where our next stop is. The powerful hot spring provides 180 litres per second of geothermal water to neighbouring farms, greenhouses and Borgarnes town.

A piece of the past

Finally before we reach Reykjavik we will take you through the beautiful and picturesque Hvalfjordur (Hvalfjörður) fjord, meaning the whale fjord. The fjord which is 30 km long and 5 km wide, takes its name from the large number of whales that could be found there. Today it hosts Iceland last whaling station and several remains from World War II left there from the British and American Naval forces. And We’ll complete the tour of the best Ice Caves in Iceland.